Developers and projects occasionally need to contact companies to discuss compliance issues but face challenges connecting with the right people. The Linux Foundation has created a directory of compliance officers at companies using open source so that communication can be eased, information related to licenses can be easily disseminated and actions can be coordinated.

If you are a compliance officer or work for an open source program office, please click and fill out add organization request to be added to the directory.

If you are an open source developer who has contributed code upstream to a project, and want to connect a compliance officer at a specific company about that project, please fill out this request for compliance contact and we’ll try to connect you to the right person at that company.  You can check back on the progress of your request at any time by using the request number provided when your original submitted request was logged into the system.


Request a Contact
Ask an organization for information about open source compliance.

Check on Your Request
Check on the process of your request towards a company.

Add an Organization
Add an organization’s open source contact details to the directory.