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Open source projects can follow some best practices to make it easier to manage licensing and to collaborate with other projects or organizations. The Linux Foundation is here to help you get started.

You can begin your journey through a Linux Foundation initiative dedicated to best practices. The CII Best Practices badge will place you alongside a ton of other projects. Everyone is solving different technology problems but they are united in using the same metrics for licensing, security and so on. You will be joining the Linux Kernel, kubernetes, Hyperledger, Node, LibreOffice, GitLAb, Xen, OpenStack, NextCloud and many more. Getting involved could not be simpler. Simply visit our dedicated website and you will find everything you need:

Other Great Resources

Project Licensing
All projects should have a license associated with them. Guidance on how to find a license that matches your needs can be found at Information on how to structure a project so the licensing information can be found is at:

Source File Licensing
Files move between projects. It is recommended that each source file document the license that applies to the file. Guidance on a lightweight way to document the license that applies can be found at: